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We are a group of enthusiastic and professional developers providing following and many more services related to Information Technology and Software Development.

Mobile Application Development

We are professional application developers and we provide both Android as well as iOS application development service with best quality because quality matters !!

Responsive Web Design

Today's era is the era of smartphones so we provide Web Design which is based on the mobile first technology i.e Responsive Web design.


To fill the gap between the technical education and the regular education we provide training services related to I.T field. Our training service covers Mobile App Developement, Web Development, Programming Languages (Java, C, C++, PHP, etc.) etc.


These are some of the current projects we are working on..


Bornbhukkad is a light weight food delivery app. We developed this app for our Indian client Lova Food Pvt.Ltd.

Room Finder

An Effective way to search room or flat, entire house, best hotels around etc. anywhere in Nepal ( Comming Soon )

Advance Multimedia

It's an audio and video player, downloader for any kind of music including Nepali music (Comming Soon)


Short Evolution Timeline of Intechigent I.T Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

  • Jan 2018

    Our Humble Beginning!

    We researched on various fields of I.T industry and based on the outcome we started planning to establish our own company.

  • 18 May 2018

    Intechigent is Born

    2018 May 18 Intechigent I.T. Solutions Pvt.Ltd. was started to create a difference in the field of Information Technology and various Software Development Fields.

  • 30 May 2018

    Established Partnership With Lova Food Pvt.Ltd

    We established partnership with Indian company Lova Food Pvt.Ltd. As partner we will be handling any technical issue of their Light Weight Food Delivery app Bornbhukkad. Bornbhukkad provides food related services in India.

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Our Amazing Team

We work hard to satisfy needs of our customers as well as for our satisfaction too because we believe work is key to every success profound in this world.

Sagar Acharya

Software Developer

Kamal Oli

Software Developer

We are highly motivated and skilled software developers. We have been engaged in the field of software development since long time. Building quality product which gives our user a best experience is always our aim.

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Intechigent I.T Solutions Pvt.Ltd, Manoharaphant, Near Children's Eye Hospital, Madhyapur Thimi-1, Bhaktapur-44600, Nepal